Anthology of String Bass Improvisation

Finally !

Mr. McBee's 15-year endeavor as composer, performer and professor has found conclusion and will soon be available in music stores:

"Anthology of String Bass Improvisation", Books I, II & III.

This collection of books is an unprecedented methodology that transcends all previous "bass books".
Unlike simple/common demonstrations of solo and bass-line creativity found in most teaching books, Cecil McBee's methods teaches you

How to Teach Yourself - All Aspects of the Instrument.

It's vast technical, physical, musical and theoretical methods provide for both, self-instruction and teacher-assisted student-learning of all concepts.
Also, clear and concise educational resource will access to teachers of all persuasions the ability to instruct bass students of all ages and levels the fine art of string bass improvisation on both, a personal and universal approach.

Again: "No tone is left unturned !" ( McBee)